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2016 has been one for the books. We have been blessed with many opportunities this past year, including finally being able to start traveling. We really don’t think that we could be standing where we are today if it wasn’t for each other and ,most importantly, our viewers and supporters. You guys have given us the motivation to share what we love to do. Right now, we are going to share what we accomplished from this time last year to today.

Many people don’t know where or how we began. We started as a furniture restoration business called Bay Furniture. We had Molly’s garage completely filled with old furniture that we sanded and refinished. Then we moved it all to our little storage unit that was part of a flea market.

Bayley, our dog, was adopted at the beginning of 2016 and she pretty much became our child.

Molly got the DIY bug and started to make bracelets that she sold on Etsy. We did our first giveaway on our Facebook page for a restored china hutch. That is when our business expanded.

We decided to pick up and move to our dream shop to making custom furniture for clients. This is where we changed our name to Against The Grain. Our very first project in our new shop were some super cool industrial bunk beds. These might be Molly’s favorite thing we have ever done.

Shortly after that, we started up YouTube and made a video on a ball pit we built for our local arts and crafts festival.

Moving right along, we built our first media center, this was one out of three that we ended up making. We made our first big trip to Atlanta for a woodworking convention where Dylan met his idol, Jimmy DiResta, for the first time. When we got back we decided to renovate our office building by painting the walls, getting new flooring, doors, handles, toilets, and vanities.

We finished up our first year of college, whew. Then, we built a farm table out of 30 year old pine for an amazing family.

In June, we hit 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and changed our name to Woodbrew. Hopefully we keep this name.

Next month we rose to the occasion of making a 30 day video challenge where we built something, filmed it, edited it, and uploaded it, every day for 30 days. We also vlogged on our second channel during that time, so we produced 60 videos in 30 days. During those 30 days, Molly learned how to weld, we took a couple of beach trips, redecorated her room with the things we built, and started wood turning. It boosted our channel to 2,000 subscribers! We started selling Woodbrew t-shirts and Dylan turned 20!

Rockler hopped on board in supporting us and sent us some amazing goodies. Thank you Rockler! Molly got to see her favorite band, Twenty One Pilots, in concert and we took another trip back to Atlanta for IWF, where we met more creators. While we were there we hit 3,000 subscribers on YouTube!

Shorty after, we were off to Cincinnati for WIA where we got to see some familiar faces from the woodworking community. On the way home, we stopped in Kentucky to walk through the real size of Noah’s Arc. Definitely recommend stopping by and experience the arc if you are in the Williamstown area or if you just want to take a trip to this breathtaking boat. The park is called Arc Encounter if you are interested.

Later in the month of September, we were off to the big apple, New York City baby! We got to experience our first Maker Faire, which was amazing! We were able to see more familiar faces and meet even more awesome creators. We ate at the nicest restaurants we will ever eat in. The place felt like the 1920s inside and was incredible.


A little bit later in October Molly turned 20 and we received our very first Lincoln welder and plasma cutter! We built our first our first murphy bed, built, and sent a media center all the way to California! At the end of the month we decided to to pack up shop and move back home to create a new shop!


November. November means election and this election was the most important and craziest election ever, and we voted for the very first time.

To close up the year we made a trip to Birmingham to see Molly’s cousin get married and we were able to attend a meet up at City Hardwoods while we were there. We met some really awesome woodworkers and woodworking couples. We set up a site where we sold Woodbrew winter gear and we hit 7,000 subscribers! WHAT?!


You guys are awesome for being so supportive through this crazy journey of ours. We were so welcomed into this community with open arms we could not be more grateful. We hope everyone has a happy new year and best wishes to you from the Woodbrew crew in 2017!



  • Randy
    January 5, 2017, 9:38 pm  Reply

    Keep on building folks. You have a bright future ahead!

    • Profile photo of woodbrew
      January 7, 2017, 8:00 pm

      Thanks Randy!

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