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How We Met

Dylan and I met towards the end of sophomore year of high school. We always knew of each other, but never really met. The summer following sophomore year, we spent just about every day together. That, to date, was the best summer we ever had. We had nothing to worry about. Neither one of us had bills to pay or college really to think about.  We live about thirty to forty five minutes from the beach, so we were there every single day.

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-2-57-11-pmEver since I met Dylan, he has been adventurous.  When we met, Dylan was just getting out of his skateboard stage. I say stage because he likes to jump around from interest to interest. I have been stuck to soccer since I was four. Lived and breathed it for fourteen years. Just in the past three years, he has done soccer, pole vault, rock climbing, photography, surfing, and of course woodworking. Now, woodworking is not a stage. He has always been building things since we met, and even far before that. Sawdust kind of runs through his veins. He still likes to surf when he gets the chance and kick the soccer ball around from time to time, but he will always want to be making things.

Before Woodbrew

Dylan was working for a local furniture business and I was working at a gift shop downtown. Dylan always knew that he wanted to work for himself and listening to someone else was not ideal for his creativity. After our first semester of college, we decided to restore some old furniture we found at Goodwill or yard sales. We ended up having so much furniture we had to get a storage unit. This storage unit was neat because every weekend there is a flea market.


Everyone would roll up their doors and let the bargainers roam around. This was exciting for us because it was like having our own little store. We called ourselves Bay Furniture. We did decent, but not as good as we had hoped. We both would rather be making furniture than buying and painting it. Dylan ended up quitting his job to pursue his dream. I quit my job, also, because I was overwhelmed with having a job while in school and I wanted to be a part of this opportunity to create a small business with him. So, we looked at store fronts, warehouses, office spaces, anything that had four walls, a door, and a lot of space. We found a great space in the next town over that included a thousand square feet of warehouse space and a separate office. We will take it! So then it was time to move everything from under Dylan’s parents house to our “new” building. We made a name for us, Against The Grain.

His shop at his parent’s house was 10 feet x 30 feet. One side was completely open to the back yard and had brick columns sticking into the space. Not much room at all for a boy and all of his tools.

We moved into our new space and could not be any more happier. For the first couple of months, we had to gather money from what we could to make our rent payment. Then we started advertising for custom furniture on our Facebook page. We finally landed a project. Industrial inspired bunk beds. This was a huge deal to us. They turned out really great, and the best part is, our client also loved them. More details are on our Portfolio page.

Starting YouTube

This really stirred things up because after that we got a couple calls a week with a new project. We got a couple projects in and we really liked the idea of YouTube. We have a routine every morning that starts off with watching Casey Neistat. Casey is a character and just does what Casey does best. Dylan loves watching his woodworking idols as well, so we decided to start up our own YouTube channel. With Dylan having a good quality camera and the passion for photography, and me having all these shots in my head, we thought it would be a good idea. Dylan does pretty much all of the woodworking. I help him if he needs it, but otherwise I am behind the camera. Before we start, we discuss the style we are going for so we are both on the same page with camera angles and where to stand. We started knocking out videos for the next three or four weeks, and then realized how hard it really is to create good content. We took a break for a month or less and then kicked it back into gear just these past few weeks. It is a really cool feeling to work on a project for a while and then make a video from it. You can go back and see everything that you did, at a much faster rate. It’s great! Not to mention that the YouTube community, and more specifically the woodworking YouTube community, is so welcoming! We can not wait to see where our channel and business goes.

screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-2-43-38-pmCreating Woodbrew

We knew from the beginning that the name “Against The Grain” had been used by multiple people. We really wanted something that we could hold the rights to and be original. We are so happy we changed. Welcome to Woodbrew!

So that is where we stand today, three years later. A couple and business partners. Who would have thought.