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Hey everyone! We hope you enjoyed this weeks video and we are glad you took time to check out our article:)


We love the idea of using something that is intended for something else and turning it into to a functional item. This week we used a marble floor tile & a scrap of walnut to create a cutting board. We hope this project encourages you to make something!


Step 1: Select your materials. We used a scrap piece of Walnut, but you can use whatever species of wood you’d like. We grabbed a 12″ x 12″ Marble floor tile from the home center. The tile was only $4!

Step 2: Use a saw to cut the board down to 4″ wide.

Step 3: Plane your board to thickness. You can use a power planer, hand plane, or even just a belt sander.

We want the board to be the same thickness as our tile.

Step 4: Joint one edge of the board. If you are lucky, your board will be straight. If not you will need to make one side straight. We used a hand plane. This is the hand plane we use:

Step 5: Cut to Length. Measure the length of your tile and cut the board to the same length.

Step 6: Mix your epoxy. We used this 5 min epoxy.

Mix according to your package and spread the epoxy on the edge of the board.

Press the wood against the marble and let it cure. Its a good idea to put a piece of wax paper under the board while glueing.

Step 7: Remove the excess epoxy. We used a chisel and scraped the glue off before it fully dried.

Step 8: Sand Sand Sand. We used a 220 grit sand paper and sanded both the wood and edges of the marble. We love these chisels:

Step 9: Oil the board. We used this food safe cutting board oil.

Pour the oil on and rub it in with a cloth. Reapply the oil in the future as needed.

Step 10: For a final touch, we put rubber feet on the bottom of the board. The feet will keep the board from sliding around, protect the countertop, and make the board easier to pick up.


All Finished!

All that’s left is trying it out!


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