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Plasma Cutting Time!

We received a plasma cutter & welder from Lincoln Electric a few months back and we’ve been dying to use it! The plasma cutter will play a crucial role in building our new workbench, but having little experience with one, we needed practice. We had a sign requested to be built for a last minute Christmas and decided this was our opportunity to try out the plasma cutter! We used this Lincoln Plasma Cutter

How its made

Step 1: Source your materials

We used a car drip pan of all things for our metal, but you can use any sheet metal you can get your hands on. Molly found a fence board she wanted to use as the back and this dictated the the size of the sign. Pallet wood could work great for this as well.

Step 2: Layout

Draw lines on the sheet metal that represent your border of the sign. Molly then used a white paint pen to layout the letters within the border. Its important to use a marker that you can see easily while cutting.

Step 3: Plasma Cutting

We used this Lincoln Plasma Cutter

Use a straight edge as a guide and cut the straight sections of the letters. Cut all of the straight edges first and then move onto the free hand portions. Molly found that pulling the cutter towards her was easier than trying to push it. She would start by pulling the cutter over the line without cutting, to practice, and then actually make the cut. Once all the letters are cut out, use the straight edge to cut the border of the sign out. Its best to do this step last to make cutting the letters easier.

Step 4: Attaching the metal to wood

After you have cut your piece of wood to size, its time to attach the metal. Molly used a small drill bit to drill through the corners of the metal. These holes are were she drove some 3/4″ nails through and into the wood.

Step 5: How to hang the sign

Molly decided to go with a simple picture frame hanger like this one

You could also use a wire or decorative string to hang the sign!


Now its time to find the perfect spot for your new sign. Because Molly used a treated fence board and galvanized metal, we could hang the sign outside or inside!




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