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What is your names and how old are you?

We are Molly and Dylan and we are both 20 years old.

How did the two of you meet?

Molly wrote an entire page about how we met and more! Check out the blog post here!

When did you guys get starting woodworking?

Dylan has always been building things. Through middle and high school he would make projects to sell here and there to have some extra spending money. Now, it has turned into a full time job!

Molly hopped on board when we started YouTube. She had to learn the basics on the fly, but learns more and more every day!

Do you have your own shop?

We have had several shops. We started in 10 x 30 space, that was basically outside. We then rented out a 1,000 square foot space in the next town over. We were fortunate to have found such a great space to house our tools and our hoarding addiction of wood, but it was quite expensive. After deciding to do YouTube full time, we decided to downsize shop, but increase the ascetics. Our current shop is a 21′ x 24′ garage with an additional 10′ x 30′ space around back.

Are y’all in school?

We both are currently in school at a local community college. We mostly take online classes so we have more time to work on projects and travel.

Do you want to do a sticker swap?

We would love too!…. but unfortunately after moving shops, we haven’t been able to get a PO Box.


What tools do you use?

We wrote an article about this! Check it out here

Have any other question not answer here?

Click over to the contact page and shoot us a message:)